Restless Leg Syndrome – Continued

Well, it’s been awhile…. I have been busy dealing with a bunch of stuff and haven’t written like I have wanted to.

I have spent the last few months dealing with the Restless Leg.  The vitamin B stopped working after a few months which is typical of my attempts to find a way to relieve this awful thing at night.  Nothing has ever worked for long.  I was really encouraged by the B vitamins because they seemed to work the longest.

After all of that – my doctor decided that it wasn’t restless leg syndrome at all.  He says it’s diabetic neuropathy.  Oh, great.  Just great.  Now what?  That was 2 months ago.  It has gotten progressively worse over that time and is now in both legs and feet.

I wish I had good news.  I don’t.  Nothing I have tried is working. The dr. put me on Lyrica and has even upped the dose.  To no avail.  I have been patient since I understand that sometimes it can take weeks for the Lyrica to kick and and begin working.  How long do I have to be patient?  Time for another visit.  Drat!  I hate fiddling with this stuff but I also would like some relief.  Is this what happens as you get older?  You feel the same on the inside but the outside doesn’t cooperate.  I am not really good at dealing with frustration.

So, if you have Restless Leg and diabetes, it might pay to speak to your doctor about it.  You might be misdiagnosed and need to rethink things as I have.

I’ll let you know my progress.  I only write about this because maybe there is another person out there that is experiencing the same things and can get some ideas about relieving their pain.

I welcome any comments.